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Visions (The Secret Watchers, Book 1)

Visions (The Secret Watchers, Book 1)

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"You're a watcher, Owen ... You will be driven to right wrongs ... The last watcher I trained was the owner of the watch you wear. He died trying to help people and his job was not done. You shall be the next one."

Owen Ryer considers himself a normal guy, though his friends and family might argue that point. When a powerful gift awakens inside him, even he has trouble debating that point as his life is shaken to its core. Stricken with sudden visions of the world's wrongness, Owen finds himself driven to fix those wrongs, whether it ends him or not.

With the help of White Eagle, Owen starts a team of capable young people ready to change the world. As dark events begin to rise, they will struggle to keep the world from changing them.

"Owen's view on family, friends, girls, and of course the adults in his life are relatable and honourable. This story is a fun read full of action and mystery as Owen gets in over his head." -Laurie Bell, author of The Stones of Power series

"Owen Ryer is not your normal teenager, and Visions is not your normal novel. In a world of formulaic, screenplay-ready books of superheroes versus supervillains, Visions breaks the mold." -C. Michael McGannon, best-selling author of the Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters series

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