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Whispers (Book 2 in The Secret Watchers series)

Whispers (Book 2 in The Secret Watchers series)

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"I've got to get to him. I can't let him do that to anyone else. It freaks me out to think he might be connected to my dad ..."

After saving the life of his friend--and long time crush--Lucie, Owen Ryer is shocked to find her avoiding him at all costs. So when a bold and beautiful new girl takes interest in him. Owen agrees to go on a date. Little did he know, dating Tess would put him on a new and dangerous case to chase down a drug dealer with foul ambitions. He's ready--this is what he has been training for.

What he isn't ready for is the realization that his father is being manipulated by a wicked new enemy. Neither is he prepared for that enemy to be employing the talents of a violent dark watcher. All the while, a new set of visions and whispers haunt his waking moments ...

Owen Ryer returns to school for a new year, ready to take on new mysteries, the complexities of dating, new crazy training methods, and ... football?

"Poor Owen has to navigate school, a serial murderer, dark watchers, and a new girlfriend all while continuing his learning and helping his family which is on the brink of falling apart!" -Laurie Bell, author of The Stones of Power series

"Owen is back! This time, however, he isn't alone in the world. Every great action has a reaction, and a watcher as talented as Owen was bound to have his polar opposites out there, just waiting to strike." -C. Michael McGannon, best-selling author of the Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters series

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