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Wyvern's Peak Publishing

Hollow World: Escape From Limbo (Part 1)

Hollow World: Escape From Limbo (Part 1)

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Lukos has served Sir Patterwicke Doyle and his estate for most of his life. It's custom for a boy, on his nineteenth birthday, to leave his life of servitude and venture into a new life of his own. And so, Lukos leaves behind a life of obscurity to take his place in the world. Except, Lukos was never meant to leave . . . And now, all Hell has been released to find him. Lukos very quickly realizes that Doyle, and the other nobles, are willing to stop at nothing to bring him back home. But why?

What could they possibly want with a lowly servant? An uncommon street thief finds her new mark. She can't explain her fascination with Lukos, nor why she chooses to help him, even when the Hollow Men set their sights on her as well. Now she's marked, and all of Limbo is being turned inside out to find them both.

Brought together by a simple act of thievery, the runaway and the pickpocket must play a dangerous game of escape before the Hollows and their masters destroy everything they've built to get to Lukos. What neither Kit nor Lukos understand, however, is that everything the masters have built, hinges on Lukos.

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