“The Recalcitrant Project” by Lauren Lynne is Now Available!

Please join us as we celebrate the release of The Recalcitrant Project by Lauren Lynne!

The Recalcitrant Project by Lauren Lynne

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Book Cover Reveal: “The Recalcitrant Project” by Lauren Lynne

We are proud to announce the cover reveal for Lauren Lynne’s new young adult dystopian novel, “The Recalcitrant Project”, set for a May 2017 release.

Here is what C. Michael McGannon, author of the best-selling Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters series for young adults has to say about Lauren Lynne’s new venture:

“In The Recalcitrant Project, author Lauren Lynne, who also brought us the original and innovative The Secret Watchers series, continues to deliver to us characters who matter, not just vehicles for plot. In a world with more and more media being produced and released every day, it is the story like Recalcitrant that earns my attention from the very start with a heroine that is every bit as smart as she is determined to survive a harsh reality, and her resolve through the trials and heartbreaking events that befall keep my attention rapt until the very end.

The Recalcitrant Project follows a girl named Elise, a very timely protagonist. While by no means physically incapable of defending herself when the proverbial excrement hits those whirling fan blades, Elise is a programmer, and not much of a socialite. She’s fantastic at what she does. So fantastic that she ends up being in-part responsible for the success of the government’s mass murder of most of her graduating class.

Sounds brutal, right? That’s just the start!

Lauren Lynne balances a consistent string of tragedies, triumphs, misfortunes, and silver linings, all centered around the endurance of a powerful heart. It has all of the hallmarks of a great dystopian world: Government conspiracies, bleak technology, a repressed population, rebellion forces in the underground. And yet, I found Recalcitrant to stand out amongst the crowded genre with its world, which is almost too-believable. Not just possible, but likely.

Perhaps it is due to this near-reality, or perhaps it’s due to the way Lauren refuses to hold her punches, that I found myself on the edge of my seat reading Elise’s story. You want to see her and her handful of questionable allies succeed in the end, knowing all too well that failure is never far away, and never left unpunished.

All in all, The Recalcitrant Project breathes life into the dystopian genre once more, leaving me with the hope of a future installment. Elise is a welcome addition to those survivors and heroines that we have come to admire in the world of Young Adult Fiction.”

Please join us in celebrating this new cover, and prepare for a leader in a new generation of young adult dystopian books: Lauren Lynne’s The Recalcitrant Project.